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1 month ago
Fender Bassman 1967 Black | More Music

Yes! More please! Available Now!

Fender Bassman Blk '67 A32365 Tubes 2 5881 USSR Sovtek 12AT7 Fender 12AX7 ARS 12AX7WA Sovtek 7025 Original power cord included.

1 month ago
Fender Bassman 1967 Black | More Music

Got Bassman? Need Bassman.

Fender Bassman Blk '67 No Date StampDated from Chassis: A27160 Tubes: 2 6L6 GC-M Russia 12AT7 GT 12AX7A Magnavox 12AX7 WA Sovteck 7025 USA

1 month ago
Fender Bandmaster Head 1966 Black | More Music

Available Now!

Fender Bandmaster Blk '66 Chassis number: A17532 Tube Chart: PC (3/1966) Tubes: 2 6L6 GC Japan and RCA 12AT7 Mullard 7025 RCA 12AX7 Sylvania 7025 RCA

1 month ago
Fender Band Master Modded 1967 | More Music

Available Now. Modded by Alan Bartz!

Fender Bandmaster Silver '67 Dated from Chassis A27437 Alan Bartz Luster Modded

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